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The aim of this project is to make an auto installer scripts for the free (legal) games, which can run with Retropie on Raspberry Pi.


All listed games/ROMs should be a non-demo versions of the games, or unfinished games with implemented scoring system/end game function, etc….

Games listed as a part of this project are freeware games, which I found over there… If you see any of those games listed here as illegal (should not be the case, but you never know…), please let me know asap! I don’t want to be a part of any criminal activity. It’s a non profit project to help with installing free games to play!


HOW TO INSTALL ROMs ? Please see Installers README

You are allowed to download the ROMs/archives, but you may not be allowed to sell them!!! All the games are the property of it’s developers/owners. See attached txt file named equally for details/licence on particular game, or contact the owner directly.

All games listed as a part of this project have been approved by it’s owner as allowed to be shared here.


Firstly I’ve tried to create a script for fetching and unpacking ROMs one by one from several sources. The ROMs of the games are/were spread around the internet on various sites and in various archives (zip, rar, 7z,..). Some blocked by captcha and some, known by name, had also dead links :( It unsuccessfully ended with so many fails and really…really… long (non working) script.

Then I decided to create this project - a place with all the freeware ROMs, screenshots and details about the games in txt format - all in one - together - in one nice collection - from which the installation will run smoothly and quickly.



If you like to contribute to this project and you will find some nice retro game, please let me know on email below… You can also help by testing the scripts/games and write a review/rating. Currently all the ratings in gamelists are 0.


retrobrews {CAT} gmail {DOG} com